apples slices morsels
1 apple = slices
1 slice = morsels


peeren sneetjes stukjes
1 peer = sneetjes
1 sneetje = stukjes
Exchange rate: apples = peers

To allow user defined currency conversions we have created this tool with two artificial currencies of "apples" and "peers" (though an old German proverb forbids all conversions between these two currencies). The default proposes decimal units and a 1:1 rate. Currency "apples" can be English pounds, the pound of 20 shillings (slices), the shilling of 12 pence (morsels). Currency "peers" can be Dutch guilders, the guilder of 20 stuyvers (sneetjes), the stuyver of 16 pennigen (stukjes). Fill in your subdivisions and modify the exchange rate. 9 apples were 100 peers in 1712 or 103.25 peers if you wanted to be as precise as

Matthias Böhne / Olaf Simons, 2005