Nemine contra dicente, "no one contradicting". Several acts against persons suspected of involvement in the Popish Plot went through the House of Commons in 1680/81 whith the frightful full consent, a process in which the House itself declared: "Resolved, Nemine contradicente, That, in Defence of the King’s Person and Government, and the Protestant Religion, this House doth declare, That they will stand by his Majesty with their Lives and Fortunes: And that if his Majesty shall come by any violent Death, which God forbid!, that they will revenge it to the utmost upon the Papists." See the acts for 2 Nov. 1680 or 5 Jan. 1680/81. See also: Steen, Francis F., and Tord Østberg, "Nemine contra dicente: The Sponsors of the Popish Plot, 1678–1681," Clio’s Psyche, 7 (3) (2000), p.122-124.