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UPON the first of May the House of Commons made this Vote, Resolved that for encouraging the bringing wrought plate into the Mint to be coined there shall be allowed to such persons as shall so bring the same after the rate of five shillings & five pence per ounce for the old standard & five shillings & eight pence per ounce for the new standard for all plate on wch the mark of the Goldsmith's company of London or any other City is set & for uncertain plate not so marked (being reduced to standard) after the rate of five shillings per ounce.

Upon the fifth of May the Commons made these further Votes, Resolved that an humble address be presented to her Majty that she will be pleased to give directions to the Officers of the Mint to receive in all such wrought plate as shall be brought to them & to give Receipts to such persons as shall bring the same for the amount thereof at the several rates & prices agreed by the House to be allowed for such wrought plate as shall be brought to the Mint to be coined; & that the same be immediately coined into shillings & sixpences.

Resolved that all such receipts to be given by the Officers of the Mint for any wrought shall be accepted and taken for the full amount thereof in any payments to be made in any Loanes or contributions upon any funds to be granted in this Session of Parliament.

And upon the said address her Majty gave directions accordingly by a Warrant dated May 10 a copy of wch is here unto annexed.

Upon the 11 12 & 14 of May we took in plate & upon the 14th in the evening an order came from the Treasury to the Mint a Copy of wch is here unto annexed. And upon that Order the following subscription of the Importers of plate was taken for the Future. We whose names are underwritten do declare that we do not expect that the value of the Plate by us this day delivered to the Officers of her Majesties Mint shall be accepted as part of the first payment of the Summ for which there is a bill now depending in the House of Commons.

Upon the 17th of May the House resolved that the bill for regulating Hackney Coaches &c. should be Committed to the Committee to whom the Bill for raising £1,500,000, was committed, and that it should be an instruction to the said Committee to receive a clause, that the Receipt given by the Officers for Plate brought in pursuant to the Resolution of this House of the first instant be accepted as so much money in the contributions towards the said summ not exceeding two millions.

Upon the 12th of June the Bill passed & upon the 19 was published & from that time the Officers & people of the Mint gave notice to the Importers of Plate that the Parliament had made no provision for accepting the Receipts given for Plate since the 14 day of May.

By her Majesties Warrant above mentioned the Master & Worker of her Majties mint is authorised & required to pay the moneys produced from the said Plate into the Receipt of her Majties Exchequer & take Tallies for his discharge. But the Receipts for Plate imported since the 14th of May being not enacted to be accepted & taken in the Exchequer Query Whether her Maty may not authorise & direct the sd Master & Worker by a Warrant, a form of wch is here unto annexed, to pay to the Importers of Plate whose Receipts are dated since the 14 of May after the rate of five shillings per ounce imported, & so let the further account rest till the next Sessions of Parliament.

The plate brought into the mint on or after the 15th day of May 1711 being melted & coyned & notes having been given for the value thereof according to her Matys directions to the officers of the mint, the money wch is the produce of the plate belongs to her Maty & her Maty having directed the same to be payd into the Receit of the exchequer on a presumption that the Parliamt would have made provision that those notes should be taken as money on some of the funds given, wch not being made I am of opinion her Maty may by a privy Seale direct the moneys to be applied towards discharging those notes as proposed.

EDW. WORTHEY (July 24, 1711.)



Treasury Papers,vol. cxxxv. No. 36. — All but the last paragraph in Newton's hand

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