The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner — the title follows the conventions of ‘romances’. Cf. The Life and Notable Adventures of that Renown'd Knight Don Quixote de la Mancha (London: T. Norris/ A. Bettesworth/ J. Woodward, 1712), The Adventures of Telemachus the son of Ulysses (London: E. Curll/ J. Pemberton/ W. Taylor, 1715), or Heliodor’s archetype: The Adventures of Theagenes and Chariclia a Romance (London: W. Taylor et al., 1717). The more popular ‘novels’ observed the title conventions given with the individual stories of Cervantes’ Novelas Exemplares (1613) and opened with a double title under the “[...] or [...]” pattern.