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[Forde (or Ford), Emanuel,]
Parismus, the Renovmed Prince of Bohemia (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Creede, for Richard Oliue, 1598.)

Parismus, the Renovmed Prince of Bohemia. His most famous, delectable, and pleasant Historie. Conteining His Noble Battailes fought against the Persians. His loue to Laurana, the Kings Daughter of Thessaly. And his straunge Aduentures in the Desolate Iland. With the miseries and miserable imprisonment, Laurana endured in the Iland of Rockes. And a description of the Chiualrie of the Phrygian Knight, Pollipus: and his constant loue to Uioletta (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Creede, for Richard Oliue, 1598.)


{L: 92.b.6.(1-2.)} {12: Film R 360-567}


Each pt. has a separate titlepage and register. Without pagination. 4to

History of Publication

Incomplete Listing with the exception of the 1713 and 1719 editions drawn from catalogues

A. a this editionParismus, the Renovmed Prince of Bohemia (London: T. Creede/ R. Oliue, 1598).
b The second part of the most famous, delectable, and pleasant historie of Parismus, the renowned prince of Bohemia, the aduenturous trauels and noble chiualrie of Parismenos, the Knight of Fame, in diuers countries. 1599. {L: 92.b.6.(1-2.)} {12: Film R 360-567}
  [...] Third impression (London: T. Creede, 1608/1609). [489 pp.] {L: C.57.l.23.} {12: Film R 360-1851}
  The first part of Parismus, the renowmed Prince of Bohemia. His most famous, delectable, and pleasant Historie, etc. (Parismenos. The second part of the ... Hystorie of Parismus. ... The fourth time Imprinted and amended.) (London: T. Creede, 1615). {L: C.57.l.25} {12: pt. 2, 497 pp.] Film R 360-1660}
  [...] (London: B. Alsop & T. Fawcet for T. Alchron, 1630). {L: C.57.l.24} {12: Film R 360-1096}
  [...] (London: B. Alsop, and T. Fawcet, 1636). [4o & 8o] {L: C.59.ff.10}
  [...] (London: Thackeray, 1649). [pp. 287, 4o.] {L: 12410.e.16.(2.)} {12: Film R 361-594} {12: Film R 361-1687}
  [...] The fifth impression, newly corrected and amended (London: Printed by E. Alsop for John Andrews, 1657). [2 pt, 4o Imperfect; wanting pp. 71-76 of pt. 2, The preface signed: E. Ford] {L:1607/469}
  [...] The sixth impression (London: Grove, 1661). {12: Film R 361-1460}
  [...] The ninth impression (London: Coles et al., 1671/ 1672). [2 pt, 4o] {L: 1077.e.47} {12: Film R 361-594}
  [...] The eleventh impression (London: Coles et al, 1681). [2 pt, 4o, pt. 1: 200 pp.] {12: Film R 361-1615}
  [...] The Twelfth impression (London, 1684). [2 pt, 4o] {L: 12612.f.16}
  The famous, delectable, and pleasant history of Parismus, the most renowned Prince of Bohemia. The first part. Containing his most noble atchievements, and triumphant battels, fought against the Persians; his love to the beautiful princess Laurana, the kings daughter of Thessaly. The great dangers he passed in the island of Rocks; and of his strange adventures in the desolate island. London: printed by M. H. and J. M., for J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and T. Passinger, 1684. (4)183 [i.e. 186] (1) pp. + a woodcut frontispiece. [Bound with:] The second part. Containing the adventurous travels and noble chivalry of Parseminus, the Knight of Fame; with his love to the beautiful and fair princess Angelica, the Lady of the Golden Tower. London: same imprint, 1684. (2)235 [i.e. 231] pp. + a woodcut frontispiece. [i.e. 12th edition??]
  [...] The Thirteenth impression (London: Thackeray, 1689). [2 pt, 4o] {L: 12612.f.17.} {L: 12410.e.16.(1.)} {12: Film R 361-594}
  [...] The Fourteenth impression, corrected and amended (London: Wilde, 1696). [2 pt, 1: 187 pp, 4o] {L: 12450.f.5.} {L: 1077.e.31} 12o? {12: Film R 361-692}
  [...] The Fifteenth impression. Corrected and amended (London: 1704/ 1705). [2 pt, 4o] {L:}

Cheap popular edition - first two entries might not belong to his edition - should be checked:

  [...] (London: Blare, [1680?]). [2 pt., 77 pp. 8o.] {L: 12450.b.21} {L: 12430.aa.10} {12: Film R 361-1615} {12: Film R 361-1687}
  [...] (London: Blare et al., 1699). [2 pt., 190 pp.] {12: Film R 361-1687}
e [...] 5th edition (London: C. Brown/ T. Norris, 1713).link
f [...] 6th edition (London: T. Norris, 1719).link
g [...] 7th edition (London: T. Norris, 1724). [pp. 185. 12o.] {L: 1077.b.30}
h [...] 8th edition (c. 1770). [12o.] {L: T.1854.(3.)}

A popular Elizabethan black-letter romance, first published in 1597-9, and reprinted twenty times or more over the next century; the original edition is known from a unique copy in the British library. Emanuel Forde wrote at least three novels of this sort, but little is known of him; he seems to have been a friend of Anthony Munday, whose has contributed a brief note to the reader at the end of Part I, signed with the pseudonymous initials "L. P." (for Lazarus Plot).