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Jonathan Swift,
Tale of a Tub, 5th edition (London: J. Nutt, 1710).

[Swift, Jonathan,] Tale of a Tub, 5th edition (London: J. Nutt, 1710).

A| TALE| OF A| TUB.| Written for the Universal Im-|provement of Mankind.| [rule]| Diu multumque desideratum.| [rule]| To which is added,| An Account of a| BATTEL| BETWEEN THE| Antient and Modern BOOKS| in St. James's Library.| [rule]| Basima eacabasa eanaa irraurista, diarba da caeotaba| fobor camelanthi. Iren. Lib. 1. c. 18.| [rule]| ----Juvatque novos decerpere flores,| Insignemque meo capit petere inde coronam,| Unde prius nulli velarunt tempora Musæ. Lucret.| [rule]| The Fifth EDITION: With the Au-|thor's Apology and Explanatory Notes.| By W. W--tt--n, B. D. and others.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for John Nutt, near| Stationers-Hall. M DCC X.


frontispiece [whale playing with tub, background: ship in stormy weather]/ titlepage in verso: "Treatises writ by the same Author"/ 1[2] pp. "Apology"; dated 3 June 1709 with "Postscript" dated 1710/ [6] pp. dedication: John Lord Sommers; signed: Bookseller/ [2] pp. "Bookseller to the Reader"/ p.1-12 dedication: "Prince of Posterity"/ p.13-241 [diverse passages]/ frontispiece [library: books falling from shelves, bellow: cvallery with books as ornaments on their helmets, Fame above them]/ p.[243] Title: A Full and True Account of the Battel between the Antient and Modern Books (1710)/ p.[245]-299/ p.[301]: Title: A Discourse Concerning the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit (1710)/ p.[303]-344/ 8


{L: 1077.g.2} {NA:MH: 16422.26.2.}.

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Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745).


Title: "Tale".

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[Jonathan Swift,
A Tale of a Tub (London: J. Nutt, 1704).link


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