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An Abridgment of the Secret History of Crete. Translated out of Greek [...] By Greg's Ghost (London: S. Popping, [1711]).


AN| ABRIDGMENT| OF THE| Secret History| OF| CRETE.| [rule]| Translated out of Greek;| And humbly Dedicated to his Grace the| Duke of Cambridge.| Never printed in English before.| [rule]| By GREG's Ghost.| [rule]| LONDON: S. Popping at the Raven in| Pater-noster-Row. 1711.| Price Three Pence.


p.[1] titlepage/ p.[3] preface/ p.[4] dedication: Duke of Cambridge/ p.5-23/ 8.


{L: T.1990.(15)}.

Bibliographical Reference

ESTC: t019018.

Date of Publication

Juli 1711 [Advertised in Works of the Learned, 13. Jul (1711), 188].


p.5: "An Abridgment of the Secret History of Crete (or Creet) translated out of the Greek by Greg's Ghost. Hegira 1122. in Thamuz 14".


Wants to be an abridged version of another book, resumes (pro Whig), the political aspects of the latest change in government, translates them into an Arabian, exotical Genre.