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Bunyan, John,
The Holy War, made by Shaddai upon Diabolus (Edinburgh: J. Watson/ Glasgow: J. Stewart, 1711).

THE| Holy War,| MADE By| SHADDAI| UPON| DIABOLUS,| For the Regaining of the| Metropolis of the World.| Or, THE| Losing and Taking Again| OF THE| Town of Mansoul| [rule]| By JOHN BUNYAN, the Author of| the Pilgrims Progess.| [rule]| I have used Similitudes, Hos. 12 10.| [rule]| EDINBURGH,| Printed by James Watson, and Sold by James Stewart Book-seller in Glasgow, in the middle| of the Salt-Market. 1711. Price Bound| Fourteen Pence.


titlepage/ [6] pp. preface/ p.1-360/ p.[361] "Advertisement"/ 8.


{L: 04411.aa.9}.

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Bunyan, John (1628-88).

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Cf. The Holy War, made by Shaddai upon Diabolus (1682).link