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B., A.,
A Companion for the Ladies-Closets: or, the Life and Death of the most Excellent the Lady --------- (London: J. Downing, 1712).


A| COMPANION| FOR THE| LADIES-CLOSETS:| OR, THE| LIFE| AND| DEATH| OF THE| Most EXCELLENT| THE| Lady ---------| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed and Sold by J. Downing in Bartholo-|mew-Close near West-Smithfield, 1712.


titlepage/ [6] pp. dedication: signed: A. B./ p.1-145/ p.[146-48]/ 12.



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ESTC: t069520.


Sometimes (and most certainly erroneously) attributed to Aphra Behn (1640-1689).


The narrator - the excellent lady's priest - carefully avoids all details which could reveal the heroine's identity. The biographical background, the story of her love are reduced to a minimum - which leaves room to depict the her virtues with reported samples of her conversations and with descriptions of scenes and sceneries: her education, her religious devotion, her behavior when attending the service, her determination (in conversations with catholics), her generosity, p.32/108: her reading, motherhood, qualities of her as master of the household's servants, her death.