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The History of the Proceedings of the Mandarins and Proatins of the Britomartian Empire, 2nd edition (1713).


THE| HISTORY| OF THE| PROCEEDINGS| OF THE| MANDARINS and PROATINS| OF THE| Britomartian Empire,| AT THEIR| Three last General Diets; with the| Characters of the Chief Members; and| a List of those that were Prefer'd| to Places.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| Printed in the Year MDCCXIII.| (Price One Schilling.)


Titlepage/ [2] pp. "Bookseller`s Advertisement"/ p.3-100/ [im Text nicht identisch mit den bereits gezählten Seiten] p.95-97 "A List of such Persons among the Proatins that accepted Places of Trust, or Honour, during the sitting of the Diet"/ 8.


{L: 101.d.58}.

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History of Publication

Cf. The History of Prince Mirabel's Infancy, Rise and Disgrace, 1st edition (London: J. Baker, 1712).link


Titel: "History".


Cf. 1st edition (London, 1712)link The preface justifies the new edition with the present craze for nwe editions of antique texts which offer an application to the present age. The continuation (peace negotiations with France and establishment of the new Tory gouvernment) includes latest events.