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[Montfaucon de Villars, Nicolas-Pierre-Henri,]
The Diverting History of the Count de Gabalis: [...] second edition (London: B. Lintott/ E. Curll, 1714).

The Diverting| HISTORY| OF THE| Count de GABALIS:| CONTAINIG,| I. An Account of the Rosicrucian Doctrine| of Spirits, viz. Sylphs, Salamaders, Gnomes,| and Dæmons; shewing their various Influence| upon Human Bodies.| II. The Nature and Advantages of Studying the Occult Sciences.| III. The Carnal Knowledge of Women to be| renoun'd.| IV. ADAM's Fall not occasion'd by eating the| Apple, but by his carnal Knowledge of EVE.| V. The Rise, Progress, and Decay of Oracles.| VI. A Parallel between Ancient and Modern| Priestcraft.| [rule]| To which is prefix'd, Monsieur Bayle's Account of this| Work, and of of the SECT of the ROSICRUCIANS.| [rule]| Qoud tanto impendio abscontitur, etiam solummodo demon-|strare, distruere est. Tertul.| [rule]| The Second Edition| LONDON: Printed for B. Lintott at the Croß-Keys,| and E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible, in Fleet-Street, 1714.


p.[i] titlepage/ p.[iii] preface/ p.[iv-viii] "Account of the Rosicrucians"/ p.1-88/ books published by B. Lintott & E. Curll/ 4.


{O: G.Pamph.370.(2)} {NA:PBL: 133.4.C723cE 1714 T}.

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Cf. Le comte de Gabalis, ou entretiens sur les sciences secrètes (Paris: C. Barbin, 1670).link and first edition of this translation: The Count de Gabalis (London: B. Lintott/ E. Curll, 1714).link