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DuNoyer, Anne Marguerite Petit,
Letters from a Lady at Paris to a Lady at Avignon [...] vol. II (London: W. Mears/ J. Browne, 1717).

LETTERS| FROM A| LADY at PARIS| TO A| LADY at AVIGNON:| CONTAINING| A Particular Account of the CITY,| the POLITICKS, INTRIGUES,| GALLANTRY, and Secret HISTORY| of Persons of the First QUALITY in| FRANCE.| [rule]| Written by Madam DUNOYER.| [rule]| VOL. II| [rule]| To which is Added,| An ALPHABETICAL INDEX| Of the Principal Matters contain'd in| both VOLUMES.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for W. MEARS at the Lamb, and| J. BROWNE at the Black-Swan without Temple-bar.| M DCC XVII.


titlepage/ p.1-456 [recte: 256]/ [8] pp. "Index"/ 8.


{L: 10169.bbb.32} {L: 1608/4956 [øtitlepage]} {NA:ICN: Case.Y.1565.D9218}.

Bibliographical Reference

W. H. McBurney (1960), p.31: 83b. - ESTC: t141329.

History of Publication

Cf. [DuNoyer, Anne Marguerite Petit] Lettres historiques et galantes, par Madame de C**. Ouvrage curieux, 1-7 (Cologne [Den Haag]: P. Marteau, 1707-18).link