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Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe,
The Adventures of Telemachus [...] done from the new edition printed at Paris, from the Author's original Manuscript. With very considerable alterations and additions [...] by Mr Ozell. [...] volume I. The second edition (London: E. Curll/ J. Pemberton, 1719).

THE| ADVENTURES| OF| TELEMACHUS,| The SON of| ULYSSES.| [rule]| In Twenty Four BOOKS.| [rule]| By the Archbishop of CAMBRAY.| [rule]| Done from the New Edition printed| at Paris, from the Author's Original Ma-|nuscript. with very considerable Alterations| and Additions, and a Discourse upon| EPICK Poetry;| Shewing the Excellency of this Poem of| TELEMACHUS in Particular.| [rule]| By Mr OZELL.| [rule]| Adorn'd with CUTS.| [rule]| VOLUME I.| The Second Edition| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for E. Curll at the| Dial and Bible, and J. Pemberton, at the Buck and| Sun, both against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-|Street. 1719. Price 6 s.


Not really a new edition! New were the titlepage and the pages preceding Fénelon's text which appeared here still in those pages printed for Curll, Pemberton and Taylor in The publisher's had to react on the new French version which had just become accessible with Churchill's new The new pages prefixed to the old edition offer a translation of the new additional passages supplementing and restrucuring Fénelon's first text, they gave indications, where to insert these passages in order to read the text as given by the new French editions and they included a translation of the "Discours de la poesie epique, et de l'exellence du poeme de Télémaque" which had appeared with some of the French editions - see for instance: (Rotterdam: J. Hofhout, 1717): {L:} - attributed to A. M. Ramsay by the British Library (without further reasons, and not identical with the preface of the rivalling edition published by Churchill] The "Discourse upon Epick Poetry" reflects the text's achievements as a modern prose epic rivcalling the ancient verse models and is reviewd by Deutsche Acta Eruditorum, 52 (1718), 297-304.


Prefix: frontispiece [the goddes Athena leading Telemachus on their way to a little temple]/ [2] pp. "Advertisement"; dated London, 8 Oct. 1718; signed: John Ozell/ [4] pp. dedication: "To the King"; signed: Fénelon/ p.i-xlviii "A Discourse upon Epick Poetry; particularly on the Excellence of this Poem of Telemachus" / p.xlix-lxix "The Arguments of the Books" [headlines - the new edition is devided into 24 instead of 10 books]/ p.1-14 "Alterations and Additions in the first Volume"/ p.1-28 the same referring to vol. 2. from here onward the book published by (E. Curll/ J. Pemberton/ W. Taylor, 1715).link


{L: 1507/1151}.

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Referring to Fénelon's text - p.i ff: "Poem".

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Cf. Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe, Les aventure de Télémaque, 1 (La Haye, 1699).link