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[Fernandez, Géromino,]
The Honour of Chivalry, or the Famous and Delectable History of Don Bellianis of Greece (London: J. S.)

[Géromino Fernandez,] The Honour of Chivalry, or the Famous and Delectable History of Don Bellianis of Greece (London: J. S.).

THE| Honour of Chivalry,| OR| The Famous and Delectable| HISTORY| OF| Don Bellianis of Greece.| CONTAINING,| The Valient Exploits of that Mag-|nanimous and Heroick Prince, Son un-|to the Emperor Don Bellaneo of Greece| Wherein are described, the Strange and| Dangerous Adventures that befel him: With| his Love towards the Princess Florisbella| Daughter to the Soldan of Babylon.| [rule]| Translated out of Italian.| [rule]| Sed tamen est tristissima janua nostre,| Et labor est unus tempora prima pati.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for J. S. and are to be Sold by the| Booksellers of London, and Westminster.


[cheap design] frontispiece [two antiquated and rough woodcuts: knights involved in a duell/ fight against a dragon]/ titlepage/ [2] pp. "Inroduction"/ p.7-168 with numerous, often repeated illustrations/ 8.


{L: 12450.b.10}.

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ESTC: t099039.


Titel: "History".

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Cf. Géromino Fernandez, The Honour of Chivalry (1598).link


Preface: Bellianus belongs in one category with Alexander the Great, Alcibiades and Xenophon - the great generals from the contry of the wise philosophers Socrates and Aristoteles. Confused sequence of events and unpolished narration, short chapters with heros attacked by bears and lions while hunting, also with enchanted caves and castles where princesses wait for their liberation. Arrogant knights have to be defeated in duels on horseback. Castles have to be attacked by single knighs, as those within do not want to pne the gates - one may use a rope to climb the walls. Knights assist others who are attacked by giants etc. A certain lack of humor balances the gross events.