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Court Tales: or, a History of the Amours of the Present Nobility [...] second edition (London: E. Curll, 1720).


COURT Tales:| OR, A| HISTORY| OF THE| AMOURS| OF THE| Present Nobility.| [rule]| To which is added, A Compleat KEY.| [rule]| The Court's a Golden, but a fatal Circle,| Upon whose Magic Skirts a thousand Devils,| In Chrystal Forms, sit tempting Innocence,| And beckon early Virtue from its Centre.| Lee.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| LONDON:| Printed for E. Curll, 1720.


[2] pp., p.i-vi, 310 pp., [4] pp./ 8░.


{NA:CLU-C: *PR3605.05C8 1720 [°pp.153-78; 191-92]}.

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ESTC: n003095.

History of publication

Cf. first edition (1714).link Cf. also Dealrivier Manley's Atalantis (1709).link