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Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe,
The Adventures of Telemachus [...] in twenty four books [...] third edition (London: E. Curll/ J. Pemberton/ W. Taylor, 1720).

THE| ADVENTURES| OF| TELEMACHUS,| THE| Son of ULYSSES.| [rule]| In Twenty Four Books.| [rule]| By the Archbishop of CAMBRAY.| [rule]| Done from the last Edition printed at Paris,| from the Author's Original Manuscript.| [rule]| With a Discourse upon| EPICK Poetry;| Shewing the Excellency of this POEM of| TELEMACHUS in particular.| [rule]| By Mr OZELL.| [rule]| The Third Edition, adorn'd with CUTS.| [rule]| To which are added,| The Adventures of ARISTONOUS.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for E. CURLL and J. PEMBERTON in| Fleet-street; and W. TAYLOR, in Pater-noster Row,| 1720. (Price Six Shillings).


[2 vols. sep. pag with engravings] 1: frontispiece [the goddes Athena leading Telemachus on their way to a little temple]/ [2] pp. "Advertisement"; dat.: London, 8 Oct. 1718; signed: John Ozell/ [4] pp. dedication: "To the King"; signed: Fénelon/ p.i-xxi "Some Account of the Archbishop of Cambray and his Writings" [which is the "Preface to the French Edition" already published in the preceeding edions]/ p.xxiii-lxi[i] "A Discourse upon Epick Poetry"/ p.[lxiii] books published by E. Curll [books as diverse as Josephus, The Spanish Pole-Cat and St. Evremond's writings]/ p.[lxiv] books published by J. Pemberton [John late Lord Bishop of Ely, Sermons]/ "A Map of the Travels of Telemachus"/ p.1-291/ 2: titlepage/ p.3-295/ new titlepage "Adventures of Aristonus"/ p.299-319/ 12°.


{L: 1481.a.17}.

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