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[Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de/ Castillo Solórzano, Alonso de,]
The Spanish Decameron, 4th edition (London: J. Bowyer, 1720).

THE| Spanish Decameron:| OR, TEN| NOVELS.| VIZ. THE| Rival Ladies.| Mistakes.| Generous Lover.| Libertine.| Virgin Captive.| Perfidious Mistress.| Metamorphos'd Lover.| Impostor Out-witted.| Amorous Miser.| Pretended Alchymist.| [rule]| Made English by Sir Roger Lestrange.| [rule]| The Fourth Edition.| LONDON,| Printed for Jonah Bowyer, at the Roses,| the West End of St. Paul's Church. 1720.


titlepage/ [2] pp. preface signed: R. L./ p.1-380/ 12°.


{L: 12490.c.32}.

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ESTC: t059878.

The first five novels from Cervantes, Novelas exemplares (1613),link the others from Castillo Solórzano, La Garduņa de Sevilla (1642).link

1st edition of this selection (1687).link