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Haywood, Eliza
The Works of Mrs. Eliza Haywood (London: D. Browne Junr./ S. Chapman, 1724).


4 vols. 8vo.

1 323 pp.: Love in Excess, "Fifth Edition," (1724).
2 138 pp.: The British Recluse: or, the Secret History of Cleomira, Stuppos'd Dead. A Novel "Second Edition," (London: Printed for D. Browne, Jun., W. Chetwood and J. Woodman, and S. Chapman, 1722). [First published in 1722.]
  pp. 3-172: The Injur'd Husband: or, the Mistaken Resentment. Second Edition (London: Printed for D. Browne and Sam. Chapman, 1723). [First published in 1723.]
  74 pp.: The Fair Captive: A Tragedy, "Second Edition," (1724).
3 pp. 1-74, 1-66, 67-135: Idalia: or, the Unfortunate Mistress. A Novel. Written by Mrs. Eliza Haywood. Second Edition (London: Printed for D. Browne, W. Chetwood, and S. Chapman, 1723), pts. I-III. [First published in 1723.]
  86 pp.: Letters from a Lady of Quality, "Second Edition," (1724). [Translation of Boursault, Edmé. Lettres nouvelles, avec treize lettres amoureuses d'une Dame d un Cavalier (1699).]
  29 pp.: A Discourse concerning Writings of this Nature. By Way of Essay.
4 p. 1-80: Lasselia: or, the Self-Abandon'd. A Novel. By Mrs. Eliza Haywood. Second Edition, (London: Printed for D. Browne, junr., and S. Chapman, 1724).
  pp. 1-67, 69-128: The Rash Resolve, "Second Edition," (London: Printed for D. Browne, junr., and S. Chapman, 1724). [First edition: 1724.]
  72 pp.: A Wife to be Lett: A Comedy (1724).
  16 pp.: Poems on Several Occasions.


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W. H. McBurney (1960), no. 163.


Haywood, Eliza



History of Publication
  a this editionThe Works of Mrs. Eliza Haywood; Consisting of Novels, Letters, Poems, and Plays. In Four Volumes. London: Printed for Dan. Browne Junr and Sam. Chapman, 1724.
  b Secret Histories, Novels and Poems. In Four Volumes. Written by Mrs. Eliza Haywood. The Second Edition (London: Printed for Dan Browne, Jun., and S. Chapman, 1725).
  c A reissue of Vols. II and III, printed for Browne and Chapman, 2 Vols. Vol. I is a duplicate of Vol. III, Vol. II, of Vol. II of preceding issue. {L: 12614.c.14}.
  d Third Edition," (London: Printed for A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, D. Browne, T. Astley, and T. Green, 1732). 4 Vols. 12mo. {L: 012612.df.48}. Vol. I. Love in Excess, "Seventh Edition," pp. 1-51, 53-146, 147-279; Vol. II. The British Recluse, "Fourth Edition," pp. 5-118; The Injur'd Husband, "Fourth Edition," pp. 125-263; Poems on Several Occasions, "Third Edition," pp. 267-286; Vol. III. Idalia, "Fourth Edition," pp. 5-60, 61-112, 113-166; The Surprise, "Third Edition," pp. 169-202; The Fatal Secret, "Fourth Edition," pp. 209-256; Fantomina, "Third Edition," pp. 259-292; Vol. IV, "Third Edition." The Rash Resolve, pp. 5-63, 64-115; The Masqueraders, pp. 5-45; Lasselia, pp. 5-93; The Force of Nature, pp. 3-49.