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Relation du voyage mystérieux de l'Isle de la vertu (1677).

History of Publication
A. a this editionRelation du voyage mystérieux de l'Isle de la vertu (1677).


B. b Die Geheimniß-volle Reise nach der Insel der Tugend [...] aus dem Frantzösischen (Augspurg: J. E. Geiger, 1717).link

Continuous narrative plot with weaknesses, inserted poems. Offered to Orontes: the relation of a voyage to the island of virtue. The traveller has made up his mind ans departs from this world with destination paradise, east, morning. A seestorm poses a threat to the traveller's soul on his serach for virtue, which ultimately appears as an island sourrounded by rocks including an inscription welcoming the mortals. The traveller's guide realises that this is the place he spent his youth before curiosity tempted him to leave it. Other islands, the places of numerous delights, attracted him. On the island of virtue personifications of vices and virtues approach the traveller. The guide is again and again able to open the traveller's eyes. A catholic hall of Saints awaits the visitors, in which Devine Grace becomes the traveller's new guide. As he wants to stay on the island he has to return to life and to fill his place there. Tears are shed at his departure. Back in life the traveller choses the life of a hermit - the position out of which he writes his releation.