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Welcome to the Economic History Site at Marteau,

The website you have reached takes — you will have already noticed — a very broad look on all things related to money and the period 1600 to 1800.
If you come across international sums of money this website should help you to make sense of them.
If you are looking for information on world economics and monetary politics of the period, this will also be our topic.
Offering such information on the web is a challenge with the broad range of visitors we attempt to satisfy reaching from private genealogists and readers of historical novels to historians and specialists who use these pages to find information and to spread knowledge about their ongoing research.
You will find the whole spectrum of our pages listed at A Platform of Research in Economic History. If you need a kind of dictionary our Money:Dictionary might be of help (do also use the search function). If you have questions you do not find answered, get a user password and ask them at our Economic History:Forum.
We try our best to be at your service,
The Economic History Team at Marteau

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