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THE| Jilted Bridegroom:| OR,| London Coquet, &c.| Treating of a true Intrigue betwixt a| Gentleman and Gentlewoman of this| City, within these twelve Months; with| several Letters that past between them:| Sent in a Letter to a Friend in the Coun-|try.| [ornament]| [rule]| LONDON.| Printed in the year MDCCVI.| Price 1s.


Bibliographical Reference

W.H.McBurney (1960), p.9.


55 pp. 8°


History of Publication

Advertised by E. Curll and B. Bragge. Reprinted in: The Adventures of Lindamira, a Lady of Quality (Anonymous). The Jilted Bridegroom or London Coquet (Anonymous) [=Foundations of the Novel, ed. Michael F. Shugrue] (New York/ London, 1972).

The Novel in Europe, 1650-1749