History of Economics: Tables and Diagrams

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Prices and Wages compared

  • Great Britain: Prices, Nominal Earnings and Real Earnings, 1600-2000 (Lawrence H. Officer, 2004), link.


  • Great Britain: Gold Price 1663-1800 (Lawrence H. Officer, 2002), link.
  • Italy: Prices for Several Agricultural Goods, Pisa 1670-1730 (Paolo Malanima, 2004), link.
  • Ottoman Empire: Prices 1469-1914 (Şevket Pamuk, 2002), link.


  • England and Wales: Nominal Annual Earnings for various Occupations in 1710-1911 (Jeffrey G. Williamson, 1982), link.
  • Ottoman Empire: Wages 1469-1914 (Şevket Pamuk, 2002), [1].

Exchange Rates

  • Leipzig's Exchange Rates (Paul Jacob Marperger, 1710), link

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