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  1. Beschryvinge van het magtig Koningryk Krinke Kesmes, 1708.


  1. An Account of some Remarkable Passages in the Life of a Private Gentleman: with Reflections thereon. In Three Parts. Relating to Trouble of Mind, some violent Temptations, and a Recovery, in order to awaken the Presumptuous. and encourage the Despondent. Left under his own Hand, to be communicated to the Publick after his Decease. Printed and Sold by Joseph Downing. 1708.

  2. A New Voyage to the East-Indies by Francis Leguat and his Companions. Containing their Adventures in two Desart Islands [...] London: Printed for R. Bonwicke, W. Freeman, T. Goodwin, J. Walthoe, M. Wotton, S. Manship, J. Nicholson, B. Tooke, R. Parker, and R. Smith. 1708.

  3. A Voyage to the New Island Fonseca, near Barbadoes. With some Observations Made in a Cruize among the Leward Islands [...] In Letters from Two Captains of Turkish Men of War, driven thither in the Year 1707. Translated out of Turkish and French. Printed in the Year 1708.

  4. HYPOLITVS Earl of Douglas.| Containing some| MEMOIRS| OF THE| Court of SCOTLAND;| WITH THE| Secret HISTORY| OF| MACK-BETH King of Scotland.| [rule]| To which is added,| The AMOURS of Count SCHLICK, Chancellor to the Emperor Sigismund, and a young Lady of Qaulity: By| Æneas Sylvius, Poet Laureat, and Sec-|retary to the same Emperor, after-|wards Pope Pious the Second.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for Ja.Woodward, in St. Christopher’s Church-|yard in Threadneedle street, 1708.

  5. Le Diable Boiteux, or the Devil upon Two Sticks. Printed for J.Tonson. 1708.

  6. Secret Memoirs of the Duke and Dutchess of O::::: Intermix d with the Amorous Intrigues and Adventures of the Most Eminent Princes of the Court of France. Written by Madam D'Aunoy [...] Made English from the Paris Edition. Printed for S.P.R.Burrough and J.Baker, E.Curll, E.Sanger, and A.Collins, and Sold by J.Morphew. 1708.

  7. The Devil of a Whigg: or, Zarazian Subtilty Detected. Done from the Original, by a Fellow of the Academy of the Insensati. or the Society of the unthankful Club at Bologna in Italy. Printed and Sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster. 1708.

  8. THE| Glorious Life and Actions| OF| St. WHIGG:| Wherein is Contain'd| An Account of his Country, Pa-|rentage, Birth, Kindred, Edu-|cation, Marriage, Children,| &c.| With the Lives of his Principal Friends| and Enemies: Faithfully done from| Original Writ,| by a Fryar at Geneva,| and Printed by a Jesuit at Edin-|burgh.| [double rule]| LONDON:| Printed in the Year, 1708.

  9. The History of the Amours of Count Schlick. Printed for James Woodward. 1708.

  10. THE| MEMOIRS| OF THE| Marquess de Langallerie:| Containing an Account| of the most secret Intrigues| OF THE| FRENCH, SPANISH, and| BAVARIAN COURTS;| And the most Remarkable| Battles, Sieges, and Encampments| IN| Germany, Spain, & Flanders.| Together with the most considerable Trea-|ties and Alliances made with France| from the Year 1687, to the Year 1707.| Intermixt with several Original Private Letters| (never before made publick) written by| the French King,| Card. Portocarrero,| Duke of Anjou,| Elector of Bavaria,| Charles IIId. of Spain,| D. of Marlborough,| D. of Ormond,| M.Auverquerque,| M.Flagel, &c.| [rule]| Translated from the French.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for R. Burrough and J. Baker at the Sun and| Moon in Cornhill, E. Curll at the Peacock without| Temple-Bar, and E. Sanger in Fleet-Street, 1708.

  11. The modern world disrob'd: or, Both sexes stript of their pretended vertue. In two parts. First, of the ladies. Secondly, of the gentlemen. With familiar descant upon every character. London: Printed for G. S. and sold by B. Bragge, 1708.

  12. The New Metamorphosis; or, the Pleasant Transformation: Being The Golden Ass of Lucius Apuleius of Medaura. Alter'd and Improv'd to the Modern Times [...] Written in Italian by Carlo Monte Socio [...] and Translated from the Vatican Manuscript. Printed for S.Briscoe, and Sold by J.Morphew. 1708.

  13. The Secret History of Mack-Beth. Printed for James Woodward. 1708.

  14. THE| WORKS| OF| T. Petronius Arbiter,| In Prose and Verse;| [...]. London: S. Briscoe, B. Bragge, 1708.

  15. Turkish Tales; Consisting of several Extraordinary Adventures: with the History of the Sultaness of Persia, and the Visiers. Written Originally in the Turkish Language. by Chec Zade for the Use of Amurath II. And now done into English. Printed for Jacob Tonson. 1708.


  1. Memoirs of the Court of England in the reign of King Charles II, containing the amours of that Prince [...] By the Countess of Dunois, author of the Letters of the Lady's Travels into Spain, writ during her residence in that court. The second edition. To which is added, the Lady's packet of Letters, taken from her by a French Privateer in her passage to Holland. London: printed and sold by J. Woodward; and J. Morphew, 1708.

  2. The Admirable and Indefatigable Adventures of the Nine Pious Pilgrims [...] Printed for J. Morphew, 1708.

  3. The Adventures of Catullus, and History of his Amours with Lesbia. Intermixt with Translations of his Choicest Poems. By Several Hands. Done from the French. Printed for J. Chantry. 1708.

  4. The History of the Earl of Warwick, Sirnam'd the King-Maker: Containing his Amours, And other Memorable Transactions. By the Author of the Memoirs of the English Court. Printed and Sold by J. Woodward and J. Morphew, 1708.


  1. Histoire secrète de la reine Zarah et des Zaraziens, ou la Duchesse de Marlborough démasquée. Avec la clef pour l'intelligence de cette histoire. Oxford: Alexandre le Vertueux, 1708.

  2. La Foire de Beaucaire, nouvelle historique et galante. Amsterdam, 1708.

  3. LA| GUERRE| D'ESPAGNE, DE BA-|VIERE, ET DE FLANDRE,| OU| MEMOIRES| DU| MARQUIS D***.| CONTENANT| Ce qui s'est passé de plus sécret & de plus particulier depuis| le commencement de cette Guerre,| jusqu'à present.| Avec les Plans des Batailles qui se sont données.| NOUVELLE EDITION,| Corrigée & augmentée.| TOME PREMIER.| [vignette: in library Artemis offers Mars a publication]| A COLOGNE,| Chez PIERRE MARTEAU.| [rule]| M. DCCVIII.

  4. L'Infortuné Napolitain, ou les avantures du Seigneur Rozelli. 1708.

  5. Voyages et Avantures de François Leguat & de ses Compagnons, en Deux Isles Desertes des Indes Orientales. Amsterdam, 1708.

  6. Voyages et Avantures de François Leguat & de ses Compagnons, en Deux Isles Desertes des Indes Orientales. London: David Mortier, 1708.


  1. Curiöse| Bauer-Historien,| Oder:| Allerhand merckwürdige| Begebenheiten,| und zum Theil Lustige und Lächerliche| Schwenke,| Die sich hier und darunter Bau-|ers-Leuten zugetragen;| Sowohl aus andern Büchern, als eig-| ner Observation colligiret,| und zu erlaubter Gemüths-Ergötzung| bei müßigen Stunden in gewis-|se Titul ordentlich ver-|fasset.| Zum Drück überlassen von Urban Dorffgast.

  2. Der| Freygebige| Geytzige,| In sich haltend| Einige angenehme kurtze| Liebes-Avanturen,| Welche| Zu vergönneter| Gemüths-Ergetzung| ans Licht gegeben| Von Einem| Der die Thorheiten der Welt| Im Hertzen Belachet.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Cölln, Bey Peter Marteau hinterlassenen Erben.| Anno 1708.

  3. Des Ritters Myro und der Printzessin Silvandra Liebes- und Wunder-Geschichte. 1708.

  4. Die getreue Bellandra, In einem Liebes- und Helden-ROMAN Dem Curieusen Leser zur vergönnten Ergötzung des Gemüts vorgestellet Von MELETAON. Frankfurt, Leipzig: W. Michahelles 1708.

  5. Die| Unglückseelige| Atalanta| oder| Der schönen| ARMENIANERIN| Lebens-| Und| Liebes-Beschreibung| in einem| Asiatischen| Helden-Gedicht| Der galanten Welt| Zur erlaubten Gemüts-Belustigung| aufgesetzet| von| MELETAON| [rule]| Franckfurt und Leipzig,| An. 1708.

  6. Liebes- und Helden-Geschichte des königl. Sächsischen und Brittanischen Hofes. Cölln, bey Peter Marteau 1708.

  7. Sonderbare Begebenheiten Jürgen Müllers, eines Ackermanns Sohn. 1708.

  8. Wilhelm Dampiers Reisen um die Welt. Breslau 1708.

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