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  1. D'ongelukkige Napolitaen, Of zeldzaem Levensbedryf van Rozelli. Behelzende een historisch verhael van zyne Geboorte, Turkse slaverny, Kloosterleven, zitten in de Inquisitie, en wat figuren hy verder in Italien, Vrankryk, en Holland gemaekt heeft. Uit het Fr. vert. Utrecht, Jakob van Poolsum, 1716.


  1. A Thousand and One| QUARTERS of HOURS;| BEING Tartarian Tales.| DONE| From the Paris Edition, Dedicated| to the Duke of Chartres, Son and| Heir Apparent to his Royal High-|ness the Regent of France.| [double rule]| LONDON| Printed for JACOB TONSON, at Shakespear's-|Head, over-against Catharine-street in the| Strand. MDCCXVI.

  2. Irish TALES:| OR,| Instructive HISTORIES for the| happy Conduct of Life.| VIZ.| I. The Captivated Monarch.| II. The Banish'd Prince.| III. The Power of Beauty.| IV. The Distrest Lovers.| V. The Perfidious Gallant.| VI. The Constant Fair-One.| VII. The Generous Rival.| VIII. The Inhuman Father.| IX. The Depos'd Usurper.| X. The Punishment of Ungene-|rous Love.| [rule]| By Mrs. Sarah Butler.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for E. Curll at| the Dial and Bible, and J. Hooke, at| the Flower-de-Luce, both against St.| Dunstan’s Church in Fleetstreet, 1716.| Price 1 s. 6 d. Stich'd, 2 s. Bound.

  3. LETTERS| FROM A| LADY at PARIS| TO A| LADY at AVIGNON| CONTAINING| A Particular Account of the CITY,| the POLITICKS, INTRIGUES,| GALLANTRY, and Secret HISTORY| of Persons of the First QUALITY in| FRANCE.| [rule]| Written by Madam DUNOYER.| [rule]| To which is Added,| An ACCOUNT of the Author's PERSON| and WRITINGS.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for W. MEARS at the Lamb, and| J. BROWNE at the Black-Swan without Temple-bar.| M DCC XVI.

  4. THE| HISTORY| AND| ADVENTURES| OF| GIL BLAS| OF| SANTILLANE.| [rule]| In Two Volumes.| [rule]| VOL. I| [double rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. Tonson, at Shake-|spear’s-Head in the Strand. 1716.

  5. THE| HISTORY| OF THE| Tales of the FAIRIES.| Newly done from the French.| CONTAINING,| I: The Tale of Graciosa, and Prince Percinet| shewing the Cruelty of a proud Mother-in-|law, to an innocent, dutiful Virgin.| II. The Blew-Bird, and Florina; shewing the| Happiness of being good-natur'd in both| Sexes.| III. Prince Avenant, and the Beauty with| Locks of Gold; shewing what Difficulties| and Dangers Love will surmount.| IV. The King of the Peacocks, and the Prin-|cess Rosetta; shweing the Vanity of Co-|vetousness, Pride and Envy.| V. Prince Nonpariel, and the Princess Brilli-|ant; wherein is shown, that outward Beau-|ty is not the only Object Love delights to| dwell in.| VII. The Orange-Tree, and its beloved Bee,| shewing the Happiness of those Lovers who| shall find Constancy in Perfection:| [rule]| Dedicated to the LADIES of Great-Britain.| [rule]| LONDON.| Printed and Sold by Eben. Tracy, at the Three| Bibles on London-Bridge, 1716.| (Price Bound, One Shilling.)

  6. The Most Celebrated| Popish Ecclesiastical| ROMANCE:| Being the LIFE of| Veronica of Milan.| A Book certify'd by the Heads of the U-|niversity of Conimbra in Portugal, to be| revised by the Angles and approved of| by God: (ja visto y revisto pellos Anios y| approvado por Dios.)| [rule]| Begun to be Translated from the Portuguese by the| late Dr. Geddes, and finish'd by Mr. Ozell:| With the Approbation of his Grace the| ARCH-BISHOP of CANTERBURY,| In whose Library at Lambeth the Original| of this Curiosity remains.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed; and Sold by J. Roberts in Warwick-lane.| M DCC XVI.

  7. The second Volume| OF THE| Court of VENUS,| OR| Cupid restor'd to Sight:| Being A History of Cuckolds, and| Cuckold-Makers.| Containing an Account of the Secret A-|mours and Intrigues of our British Kings,| Noblemen, and others; with the most| celebrated Beauties, and famous Jilts,| from K. Henry II. to this present Time.| The Whole interspers'd with Letters| of Love and Gallantry:| With the Amours and Intrigues of two| Turks, with their English Mistresses,| and a Key to both Volumes.| [rule]| By Captain Alexander Smith.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. Baker in Pater-Noster-Row,| R. Burleigh in Amen-Corner, and A. Dodd| without Temple-Bar, 1716.


  1. Euphues and Lucilla:| OR THE| False Friend and Inconstant Mistress.| To which is added,| EPHOEBUS;| OR| Instructions for the Edu-|cation of Youth.| WITH| LETTERS| UPON| Death, Banishment, and the Vices| of COURTIERS and STUDENTS.| [rule]| Written Originally by John Lyly, M.A. in| the Reign of Queen Elizabeth; and now revis'd,| and render'd into Modern English, to make it of| more general Use to the Publick.| [rule]| I present you a Lilly growing in a Grove of Lawrels: For this Poet| sate at the Sun's Table: Apollo gave him a Wreath of his own| Bays, without snatching. The Lyre he play'd on, had no bor-|row'd Strings. Blount's Dedicat. to Lyly's Plays.| [rule]| LONDON;| Printed; and Sold by J. Noon, and T. Sharpey,| at the White-Hart in Cheapside. Mdccxvi.

  2. Grace Abounding| To the CHIEF of| SINNERS| IN| A Faithful Account of the Life and| Death of| JOHN BUNYAN.| OR,| A brief Relation of the exceeding| Mercy of God in Crist to him.| NAMELY,| In his taking him out of the Dunghil[!],| and Converting of him to the Faith of his| Blessed Son JESUS CHRIST.| Here is also particularly shewed,| What Sight of, and what Trouble he had| for Sin; and also, what various Tempta-|tions he hath met with; and how God| hath carried him through them.| [rule]| Corrected and much enlarged by the Author, for the| Benefit of the tempted and dejected Christian| [rule]| The Ninth Edition, with his Character.| [rule]| Come and hear ye that fear God, and I will de-|clare what he hath done for my Soul, Ps. 66. 16.| [rule]| LONDON, Printed by S. Gilbert, for| N. and M. Boddington in Duck-lane. 1716.

  3. LETTERS| FROM A| LADY at PARIS| TO A| LADY at AVIGNON| CONTAINING| A Particular Account of the CITY,| the POLITICKS, INTRIGUES,| GALLANTRY, and Secret HISTORY| of Persons of the First QUALITY in| FRANCE.| [rule]| Written by Madam DUNOYER.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| [rule]| To which is Added,| An ACCOUNT of the Author's PERSON| and WRITINGS.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for W. MEARS at the Lamb, and| J. BROWNE at the Black-Swan without Temple-bar.| M DCC XVI.

  4. LETTERS| FROM A| LADY at PARIS| TO A| LADY at AVIGNON| CONTAINING| A Particular Account of the CITY,| the POLITICKS, INTRIGUES,| GALLANTRY, and Secret HISTORY| of Persons of the First QUALITY in| FRANCE.| [rule]| Written by Madam DUNOYER.| [rule]| The Third Edition.| [rule]| To which is Added,| An ACCOUNT of the Author's PERSON| and WRITINGS.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for W. MEARS at the Lamb, and| J. BROWNE at the Black-Swan without Temple-bar.| M DCC XVI.

  5. SECRET| MEMOIRS| AND| MANNERS| Of several| Persons of Quality,| OF| Both SEXES.| FROM THE| New ATALANTIS.| AN| Island in the Mediterranean.| In Two Volumes.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [rule]| Written Originally in ITALIAN.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for JOHN MORPHEW, near| Stationers-Hall. 1716.

  6. THE| French Rogue:| OR, THE| LIFE| OF| Monsieur RAGOUE| de Versailles.| CONTAINING| His Parentage, Monstrous Birth, Early| Rogueries, Pleasant and Witty Pranks,| not only in France, but in divers other| Countries. With the Strange and| Wonderful Plots, Projects, Policies| and Stratagems, by which he Contri-|ved, Managed and Brought about his| Villanies, and escaped many Dan-|gers, and more particular the Prank| he played with the French KING, &c.| All very Comical and Delightful.| [rule]| With large Additions not in| any former Impression.| [rule]| Done from the Original by J. S.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed for N. and M. Boddington,| at the Golden Ball in Duck-Lane, 1716.

  7. THE| Generous Rivals:| OR,| LOVE| TRIUMPHANT.| A| NOVEL.| [rule]| Res est soliciti plena Timoris Amor.| Ovid.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for W. Hinchliffe, at Dryden’s-|Head under the Royal-Exchange. 1716.

  8. The Much esteemed| HISTORY| Of the Ever-famous Knight| Don Quixote de la Mancha:| Containing his many wonderful| ADVENTURES & ATCHIEVEMENTS,| Very Pleasant and Diverting.| WITH THE| Comical Humours of Sancho Pan-|cha, his Remarkable 'Squire, &c.| [rule]| In Two Parts.| Being an Entire| HISTORY| Of all the| Memorable Transactions| Recorded of them.| [rule]| Illustrated with Copper-Plates, representing Eleven| of the most Remarkable Passages in the History,| curiously Engraven.| [rule]| London: Printed for N. & M. Boddington, at| the Golden Ball in Duck-lane, 1716.

  9. THE| School of VENUS,| OR,| Cupid restor'd to Sight;| BEING| A HISTORY| OF| CUCKOLDS| AND| Cuckold-makers,| Contain'd in an Account of the Secret Amours| and pleasant Intrigues of our British Kings, Noble-|men, and others; with the most incomparable| Beauties, and famous Jilts, from HENRY the| Second, to this present Reign.| The whole interspersed with curious Letters of Love| and Gallantry.| [rule]| By Capt. Alexander Smith.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed and sold by J. Morphew near Stationers-Hall,| and E. Berington without Temple-Bar, 1716.


  1. Amanzolide, nouvelle historique et galante, qui continent les aventures secrètes de Mehemed-Riza-Beg, ambassadeur du Sophi de Perse à la cour de Louis le Grand en 1715. Paris: P. Huet, 1716.


  1. Ausführliche| RELATION| Von dem| zu Ausgang deß 1714ten Jahres in Franck-|reich angelangten| Persianischen Ambassadeurs,| MEHMED| RIZA-BEG,| Worinnen| Von dessen Person/ Conduite,| Einzügen/ Audienzen/ Geschencken/| Verrichtungen/ Divertissemens und| Abzuge ausführlich gehandelt wird.| Nebst einigen Historischen| Remarquen.| [rule]| AUGSPURG/| Zu finden bey Jacob Eberhard Geiger/| Büchhändlern/ Anno 1716.

  2. Das| Leben| Der| Schönen| Oesterrei-|cherin.| Beschrieben| von| LISANTES.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Anno 1716.

  3. Der lustige| JURIST,| Welcher| im ersten Theil| Nicht allein mancherley ergetzende/| jedoch nützliche Rechts-Fragen erör-|tert/ verschiedene seltzame Gerichts-Händel| darstellet/ viele kurtzweilige Discurse| führet und zu einigen curiösen| Disputationen Anlaß giebt;| Sondern auch| im andern Theil| eine| Kurtze Anweisung/| Wie allerhand Suppliquen, Instrumen-|ta, Formulen und Rechts-Briefe; imglei-|chen mündliche Verhöre/ schrifftliche Pro-|cesse und Rechts-Sprüche/ Ehestiff-|tungen/ Testamenta u.d.g. abzufassen/| unter| Darstellung vieler lustigen Exempel und kurtz-|weiligen Historien/ mittheilet.| Zu einer Gemüths-Erfrischung denen Be-|dürfftigen auffgesetzet und verfertiget von| F.J.R. J.U.P.| [rule]| Franckfurt und Leipzig/| Bey Philipp Gottfried Saurmann. 1716.

  4. Der| wohlversuchte| AMANT| in| verschiedenen| Liebes-|INTRIQUEN| vorgestellt| von| ADAMANTES.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Franckfurt und Leipzig/| 1716.| bey Joh. Adolph/ Buchhändl. von Nürnb.

  5. Die beglückte| und| unbeglückte| Tugend/| In zwey| anmuthigen Begebenheiten| Des| ARISTONOI und EMANDRIS| vorgestellet/| Ihrer Vortrefflichkeit wegen aus| dem Frantzösischen in das| Teutsche übersetzet/| In Virtute Perennitas.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Breßlau/| Zu finden bey Michael Hubert.| 1716.

  6. Tausend und eine Nacht, pt. 8, first edition
    Die Tausend| und| Eine Nacht,| Worinnen| Seltsame Arabische Historien,| und wunderbahre Begebenheiten, be-|nebst artigen Liebes-Intriguen, auch Sitten| und Gewohnheiten der Morgenländer, auf sehr| anmuthige Weise erzehlet werden;| Erstlich| vom Hrn. Galland, der Königl. Academie| Mitgliede, aus der Arabischen Sprache in die| Frantzösische, und aus selbiger anitzo ins Teutsche| übersetzt:| Achter Theil.| [vignette]| Leipzig, Bey Johann Ludwig Gleditsch| und Moritz Georg Weidmann,| Anno 1716.

  7. Die Tausend| und Eine| Viertel-Stunde,| bestehend| in artigen und lesens-|würdigen| Tartarischen Geschichten,| mit Kupffern gezieret.| Erster Theil| [vignette]| Leipzig,| Bey Johann Ludwig Gleditsch| und Moritz Georg Weidmann.| Anno 1716.

  8. Die| wohlprobirte| Treue| in| einer kurtzen| Helden-|und Liebes-Geschichte/| vorgestellt| von| ADAMANTES,| [line of typographical ornaments]| Franckfurt und Leipzig/| 1716

  9. Geheime| Liebes-|Historie| Der| Welt-bekanten Königin| ELISABETH| Und| Des Grafen| von ESSEX.| Aus dem Englischen ins Teutsche| gebracht.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Anno 1716.

  10. Liebs-|Geschichte| des Herrn ***| d. i.| Wunderbare Würkung| der| SYMPATHIE,| oder| heimlichen| Natur-Triebs.| Erster Theil.| Aus dem Französischen übersetzt.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Franckfurt und Leipzig/| zu finden| bey Adam Jonathan Felßecker/| Anno 1716.


  1. Die| Durchlauchtigste| MARGARE-|THA| von| Oesterreich/| In einer| Staats-und Helden-|Geschichte/| Der galanten Welt zu vergnüg-|ter Gemühts-Ergötzung| communiciret| von| ARAMENEN.| [rule]| HAMBURG,| In Verlegung Samuel Heyls.| 1716.

  2. Die getreue| Bellandra/| In einem| Liebes-und Helden-|Gedichte| Dem| Curieusen Leser/ zur vergönnten| Gemüts-Ergötzung vorgestellet/| auch| Nunmehro in einer neuen Auflage/ welche durch| und durch verbessert/ an vielen Orten gantz| anderst eingerichtet/ und mit schönen Kupfern| ausgefertiget worden| Von| MELETAON.| [rule]| Franckfurt und Leipzig/| Zu finden bey Johann Leonhard Buggel.| Anno 1716.

  3. Herrn He[!]nrich Anshelm| von Zigler und Kliphausen| Asiatische Banise,| Oder| blutiges doch muthiges| Pegu,| In Historischer und mit dem mantel| einer Helden-und Liebes-geschicht bedeckten| wahrheit beruhende.| Diesem füget sich bey| eine| aus dem Italiänischen übersetzte| Theatralische Handlung,| benennet:| Der tapffere Heraclius.| [publisher's signet: Pegasus]| LEIPZIG,| bey Thomas Fritschen, 1716.

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