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Born in 1940 in Lage/Lippe, Germany, Hans Wagener, today professor for German literature at the University of California, Los Angeles, studied German literature and history in Münster and Freiburg before he made his Ph.D. at the UCLA in 1967. His interests have shifted from the early 18th century where he began with work on Christian Friedrich Hunold to the 20th where he published on Lion Feuchtwanger, Erich Kästner, Sarah Kirsch, Siegfried Lenz, Gabriele Wohmann and Carl Zuckmayer.

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  • Bibliographical page for Menantes' (i.e. Christian Friedrich Hunold's) Der Europäischen Höfe Liebes- und Helden-Geschichte (Hamburg: G. Liebernickel, 1705), including the introduction first published in 1978 with the reprint of Hunold's novel. link