lineThe Novel

Arabian Nights Entertainments, 1-2 (London: A. Bell, 1706).


{NA:Njp: Ex 2263.2706}.

History of Publication

Cf. Les mille et une nuits (Paris: Barbin, 1704).link


Here just the arguments with which the work is sold: a) the quantity of pleasant histories offered, b) the marvellous conjunction of these stories, c) the amount of miracles and surprising turns offered, d) the observation of ceremonies and religion among the heathens and mohammethans, e) the description of different peoples like Persians, Tartars, Indians, f) a view on kings and their subjects, g) the precision of character analysis up to the point of language used by different people, g) the truth to the original. Only few things were ommitted where "Modesty" demanded this - finally h) the value theses stories have as they teach virtue by examples to a reader who is thus prevented from reading more dangerous books.