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Three Ingenious Spanish Novels: Namely, I. The Loving Revenge: or Wit in a Woman. II. The Lucky Escape: or, The Jilt Detected. III. The Witty Extravagant: or, The Fortunate Lover (London: E. Tracey, 1709).


*{L: 1606/2025.(1)}

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History of publication

Source: Castillo Solorzano, Alonso de (1568-1648?), La Garduņa de Sevilla. Translation: John Davies of Kidwelly. - The edition was also sold with two other books under the title A Collection of six new delightful Novels (London: E. Tracy, 1710).link

  1. linkThree Ingenious Spanish Novels (London: E. Tracey, 1709).
  2. [...] second edition (London: E. Tracy, 1712).link

See The Spanish Pole-Cat (1717).link for the original integration of the three Spanish novels [1: p.311-62; 2: p.87-146; 3: p.203-72].