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The Spanish Pole-Cat (London: E. Curll/ W. Taylor, 1717).


THE| Spanish Pole-Cat:| OR, THE| ADVENTURES| OF| Seniora RUFINA;| In Four BOOKS.| Being a Detection of the Artifices| used by such of the Fair Sex, as Aim| more at the PURSES, than at the| HEARTS of their Admirers.| [rule]| Written Originally in Spanish,| By Don Alonso De Castillo Sovorcano.| Begun to be Translated,| By Sir Roger L'Estrange;| And Finish'd,| By Mr. OZELL.| [rule]| LONDON, Printed for E. Curll in| Fleet-Street; and W. Taylor in Pater-|Noster-Row. 1717. Price 4 s.


Frontispiece [scenery in ancient surroundings, signed: "Ludw Du Guernier inv. et sculp."]/ titlepage/ p.1-394/ [2] pp. books published by E. Curll/ 12°.



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ESTC: t089213.

History of Publication

Orignal: Castillo Solorzano, Alonso del, La Garduņa de Sevilla. - Three of the stories also appeared in Three Ingenious Spanish Novels (London: E. Tracy, 1709)link.

  1. linkThe Spanish Pole-Cat (London: E. Curll, 1717).
  2. [...] second edition (London: H. Curll, 1727).link

Remarks: Stories about Rufina, who struggles through her life as a little cheater, her family, her husbands and their friends. Observes with humerous distance the lifes of petty criminals, gamesters, and those who cheat themselves so grossly that they get killed when necessary.

Olaf Simons