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The Golden Spy: or, A Political Journal of the British Nights Entertainments (London, 1710).


THE| Golden Spy:| OR, A| POLITICAL JOURNAL| OF THE| British Nights Entertainments.| Viz.| The Power and Progress of Gold.| The Ladys Taste.| The Mercenary Gallant.| The Male and Female Favourites.| The Story of Donna Olympia.| Monsieur Tequet's Amours.| The Fatal Rape.| The English Female Favourite.| Matilda and Golofre.| The English Male Favourites.| The unlucky Cast.| The fair Extravagant.| The foul Extravagant.| Of Love Intrigues.| The Fortunate Adultery.| Of Julio and Sempronia.| The Whores Revenge.| The Political Whores.| The Lucky Escape.| The Country Jilt.| The force of Love.| The kept Miss.| The Cully's Fate.| The Godly Reformers.| The Reforming Constable.| The Hypocrite uncas'd.| The Godly Debauchee.| The Reformer Reform'd.| The Trade of the Camp.| Wherein are laid open| The Secret Miraculous Power and Progress of GOLD,| IN THE| Courts of EUROPE.| [rule]| ALSO| Delightful Intrigues, Memoirs, Tales, and Adventures, Se-|rious and Comical.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed in the Year 1710.


Titlepage/ p.2-32/ 8. The edition ends with p.32 mit: "Note, The Third Nights Entertainment will be Publish'd next Week." The text offers thus only pp.1-53 of the 1709 edition.


{L: 12614.eee.7}.

Bibliographical reference

ESTC: t072171.


Gildon, Charles (1665-1724).

History of publication

Cf. first edition (1709).link The attempt to sell a second edition as a journal failed. Only two of the weekly supplements seem to have appeared.


Titel: "Political Journal also delightful Intrigues, Memoirs, Tales, and Adventures, serious and comical".


Cf. first edition (1709).link