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[Ward, Edward =] The Author of the London Spy,
Adam and Eve stript of their Furbelows, 2nd edition (London: J. Woodward/ A. Bettesworth, [1714]).

ADAM and EVE| Stript of their| FURBELOWS:| OR, THE| Fashionable Virtues and| Vices of both SEXES expos'd to| publick View.| [rule]| In Two PARTS.| [rule]| I. Of the LADIES.| II. Of the GENTLEMEN.| WITH| Familiar Descants upon each CHARACTER.| [rule]| The Second EDITION.| [rule]| The needy Knave is punish'd for his Fau't,| And the poor Punk is to Correction brought.| The Great sin only at a nobler Price,| And with a richer Mantle hide their Vice.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for A. BETTESWORTH at the red| Lyon in Pater-Noster Row. Price Bound 3 s.


[2] pp. advertisement for books published by J. Woodward & A. Bettesworth/ titlepage/ 6 [pp.] preface/ [4] pp. contents/ p.1-224/ 8.


{L: 12330.ccc.36}.

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ESTC: t088461.

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Cf. The Modern World Disrob'd: or, Both Sexes Stript of their Pretended Vertue (London: B. Bragge, 1708).link


fol. A2r: "Sketch"; fol. A4v: collection of "Characters".