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[Ward, Edward =] The Author of the London Spy,
The Modern World Disrob'd: or, Both Sexes Stript of their Pretended Vertue (London: B. Bragge, 1708).

The modern world disrob'd: or, Both sexes stript of their pretended vertue. In two parts. First, of the ladies. Secondly, of the gentlemen. With familiar descant upon every character (London: Printed for G. S. and sold by B. Bragge, 1708).


Pagination is continuous, with no part-title. [11], 224 p ; 19 cm (8vo)


{Aberdeen: Special Libraries & Archives, King's College; In SB 204 Adv} {Glasgow: University Library: Sp Coll Bm3-g.18} {L:}


Ward, Edward (1667-1731).

History of Publication

A.c und A.d can be dated through the publisher's advertisement in A.d mentioning Wards Don Quixote, 1-2 (1711/12).link and the 2nd edition of Rozelli (1713).link] The German translation claims in its preface that the title was so successful on the English market, that three editions were sold within one year.

A. a this editionThe Modern World Disrob'd: or, Both Sexes Stript of their Pretended Vertue (London: Printed for G. S., sold B. Bragge, 1708).
  b [...] (London: Printed for G. S. and sold by F. Woodward, 1708). [The edition should be checked - Leeds Brotherton Library offers the imprint via online catalogue: {Leeds: Brotherton Collection Lt WAR}.]
  c Adam and Eve stript of their Furbelows (London: J. Woodward/ A. Bettesworth, [1714]). [Identical setting.]link
  d [...] second edition (London: A. Bettesworth, [1714]).link


B. a Die von ihren Feigen-Blättern entblößeten Adam und Eva (1720).link

A series of prose characters (see tracts 18x, 19, 21, 41, 42, 44, 45 in the British Library's volume {L: 816.m.19} for individual publications in the genre) which sometimes develop narrative plots - nearly a novel: p.88-96: "The Great Man's Prostitute" with the rise of a poor girl making a career as an actor before she becomes a prostitute. Each character rounded off with the "familiar descant" in verse.