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Petis de la Croix, François [original translator/author],
The Thousand and One Days: Persian Tales. vol. 1., translated from the French. by Mr. Philips (London: J. Tonson, 1714)

THE| Thousand and One Days:| Persian TALES.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [rule]| Translated from the French.| By Mr. PHILIPS.| [rule]| [Greek motto] Longinus.| [double rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. Tonson at Shakespear's-Head over-|against Catherine-street in the Strand. 1714.


[2 vols. sep. pag.] 1: frontispiece [oriental bath with several nudes; signed: "Lud Du Guernier inv. et Sculp."]/ titlepage/ [8] pp. dedication: Countess of Godolphin; signed: Ambr. Philips/ [4] pp. preface and Contents/ p.[1]-357/ p.358-60 "Explanations"/ 2: frontispiece [same as vol. 1]/ titlepage/ [8] pp. dedication: Countess of Sunderland; signed: Ambr. Philips/ [4] pp. preface and Contents/ p.[1]-367/ p.368-70 "Explanations"/ [2] pp. books published by J. Tonson/ 12°.


{L: 1606/1815} {NA:ICN: Case.Y.1565.P444}.

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ESTC: t107791.

History of Publication

Translation of [Petis de la Croix, François, fils,] Les mille et un jours, contes Persans (1710).link Cf. also for the greater context: Les mille et une nuits (Paris: Barbin, 1704).link


Title, etc.: "Tales"; Bl.A6r: every of the histories could be read as "little Epick Poem, which wants only the Addition of Numbers". The individual headlines promise "Histories".