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Amanzolide, nouvelle historique et galante (Paris: P. Huet, 1716).

Amanzolide, nouvelle historique et galante, qui continent les aventures secrètes de Mehemed-Riza-Beg, ambassadeur du Sophi de Perse à la cour de Louis le Grand en 1715. Paris: P. Huet, 1716.

History of Publication
A. a this editionAmanzolide, nouvelle historique et galante (Paris: P. Huet, 1716).


B. a Amanzolide oder des vor zwey Jahren in Franckreich gewesenen Persianischen Ambassadeurs Mehemed-Riza-Beg Liebes und Lebens-Geschichte (Leipzig: M. Georg Weidmann, 1717).link

Romance with numerous interwoven stories and a narrator's voice knitting everything together and commenting on the most recent historical events. The beautiful Georgian Amanzolide, promised to the sophi of Ispahan, is the permanent victim of kidnappings. Mehemed-Riza-Beg, supervisor of the province of Erivan sees her and falls in love with her - and is fortunately loved by her in return. Yet she is kindnapped again. Mehemed finally finds her in Constantinople where he has to realise that she is in the possession of a Turkish friend of his. Both men heroically abandon their claims. Yet Amanzolide claims her own emotions towards Mehemend. A peculiar accident: A third man kills the Turk. Mehemed has to take venegance and to follow the assasin. Lamenting Amazolide remains at the shore of Constantionple.