lineThe Novel

Manley, Delarivier,
Die An[!]talantis (Haag: Geheime Staats-Druckerey [?1713]).



Titlepage/ p.1-181/ 8.


{12: Brit.366}.

Bibliographical reference

Hayn/ Gotendorf (1912-29). - Weber/ Mithal (1983), p.104.

Date of Publication

After 1712, before August 1714 - footnote p.15 refers to 6. Aug 1712, the appendix p.182-88 offers a translation taken from Mercure Gallant Dec 1712. Footnote p.165: "unter der jetzigen Königin Anna" implies that Queen Anne († 1. Aug 1714) is still alive.

History of publication

Cf. engl. source (1709).link


Includes a summary. Preface with comparison with Die entdeckte geheime Histoire von der Königin Sahra (1712).link Translation follows the French but shortens drastically to satisfy German readers with information of interest to them. Footnotes with political explanations taken mainly from the relevant journals.