Aulnoy, Diverting Works (1721)

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The Diverting Works of the Countess D'Anois. Author of Ladies Travels to Spain. Containing I. The Memoirs of her own Life. II. All her Spanish Novels and Histories. III. Her Letters. IV. Tales of the Fairies in Three Parts Compleat. London, printed for W. Taylor and W. Chetwood. 1721. 5s.



vol. 1: 288pp. vol.2: 273pp.


Bibliographical Reference

W. H. McBurney (1960), p.12


Marie Catherine Jumelle de Berneville, comtesse d' Aulnoy. According to the preface, the new items are the second and third parts of the Tales of the Fairies, and the Spanish Novels, translated by W. C. from Contes des fées, 1698, and Nouvelles espanolles, 1692.

History of Publication

Cf. En-1707-0005 The Diverting Works of the Countess D'Anois (London: John Nicholson, John Sprint, Andrew Bell, and Samuel Burows, 1707).

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