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Pierre Marteau, Cologne
Virtual Publisher for over 350 Years


Probably the first Marteau-title: L'Histoire de Henry III, Roy de France et Pologne (Cologne: Pierre Du Marteau, 1660).

The Marteau webspace, honoring the legendary virtual publisher is a community projedt of researches dealing with the 17th and 18th centuries with a focus on the period 1650-1750.

The project was founded in 2001 by Anton Kirchhofer, Martin Mulsow, and Olaf Simons. An associated project The 19th-century Marteau was initiated by Anton Kirchhofer in 2004.

We offer project webspace to groups and individual interested and maintain a Wiki to allow exchange and synergies between individual projects.

We invite contributors to open user pages and to give information about their ongoing work and interests in the period. Contact for User registration.

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The Company of Editors



Dr. Olaf Simons
Forschungszentrum Gotha
Schloss Friedenstein
99867 Gotha