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Shilling, Queen Anne, 1709. (The absence of any mintmark below the bust denotes that this coin was struck at the Royal mint. The obverse inscription reads: ANNA DEI GRATIA, Post Union reverse, featuring crowned cruciform shields as previously, but on opposing pair of shields is now halved vertically, with the three English leopards and the single Scottish rampant lion. The other shields bear a harp and three fleurs-de-lys. The reverse legend reads: MAG BRI FR ET HIB REG 1709, edge milled.


Silver coin, first known as the "testoon", dating back to Henry VII (1485-1509). By the early seventeenth century an important coin with several issues minted. The final hammered shillings were produced from 1660 to 1662. The first milled shilling had appeared in 1658, the regular series of minted shillings started, however, only in 1663.

See Money (Great Britain).

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