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Petis de la Croix, François [original translator/author],
The Persian and the Turkish Tales, transl. by Dr. King and several other Hands, vols. 1-2 (London: W. Mears/ J. Browne, 1714).

THE| PERSIAN| AND THE| TURKISH| TALES,| COMPLEAT.| Translated formerly from those Languages| into French, by| M. Petis de la Croix,| Dean of the King's Interpreters, Reader and| Professor in the Royal College at Paris.| And now into Engl[!]sh from that Translation,| By the late Learned Dr. King,| And several other Hands.| To which are added,| Two LETTERS from a French Abbot| to his Friend at Paris; giving an Account| of the Island of MADAGASCAR;| and of the French Embassador's Reception| by the King of SIAM.| [rule]| In TWO VOLUMES.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [double rule]| LONDON: Printed for W. Mears at the| Lamb, and J. Browne at the Black Swan,| both without Temple Bar. MDCCXIV.


[2 vols., pagination changes in vol. 2] 1: frontispiece [Oriental bath mith nudes]/ black and red titlepage/ [4] pp. dedication: Theodosia Blye, Baroness of Clifton/ [4] pp. preface/ [2] pp. "Table" vol. 1/ p.1-495 "Persian Tales"/ 2: frontispiece [cf. vol. 1]/ black and red titlepage/ [4] pp. dedication: Lady Barnadiston/ [2] pp. "Table" vol. 2/ p.499-755 "Persian and Turkish Tales"/ [4] pp. "French Translator's Preface"/ [2] pp. "Table"/ p.1-229 "Turkish Tales"/ p.230-252 "Letters"/ 12°.


{L: 12513.b.37}.

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ESTC: t107790.

History of Publication

Translation of [Petis de la Croix, François, fils,] Les mille et un jours, contes Persans (1710)link and Histoire de la sultane de Perse et des vizirs, contes Turcs (1707).link Cf. also for the greater context: Les mille et une nuits (Paris: Barbin, 1704).link


Title, etc.: "Tales"; the individual headlines promise "Stories", p.A4v: "every one of which seems to be a little Epick Poem or a short Story drawn from some of their Dramatick Pieces which the Persians are fam'd for".


translation competing with the one just offered by Preface promises knowledge and information. All "Licentiousness" has been eliminated.