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LETTERS| FROM THE| LIVING to the LIVING,| Relating to the Present TRANSACTIONS both| Publick and Private.| With their several ANSWERS.| Vnder the following Heads, Viz.| Reformation. The P---| of P--pl--r, to a City| Knight, for some years| since one of the Elect,| but now under a State| of Reprobation, &c.| Sing-song Tigellius the| Undone, the Unfortu-|nate Tigellius, to his| Brethren at Will's-Cof-|fee House.| Clement, the Pope, to| the Doge, and Republick| of Venice.| Mr. J-- F-- to Mr.| J-- P--| Abridgment a Booksel-|ler to Original an Author.| The Two hundred| Maidens at the Bath, to| the Virgins in Oxford.| The Duke of Burgun-|dy to the King of Spain.| Tom Double to his Brother Vnder-Spur-Lea-|ther in the Country| John D--by, the Pha-|risaical Printer to John T--d the Scribe| From a Voluntier at| St. Maries, to his Friend in London.| A Letter from a| young Officer at Vigo,| to his Friend at London.| Gossip Murroy, the Projector to Inquisitive Love-|News.| [rule]| Written by Several Hands.| [rule]| Quidquid agunt Homines, Votum, Timor, Ira, Voluptas,| Guadia, Discursus, Nostri est Farrago Libelli| Juvenal.| [rule]| London, Printed in the Year 1703.

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Not listed by W. H. McBurney (1960).

215 pp./ 21 pp.

Reprinted in: Letters from the Living to the Living [...] [=Foundations of the Novel, ed. Michael F. Shugrue] (New York/ London, 1973).

The Novel in Europe, 1650-1749