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THE| Glorious Life and Actions| OF| St. WHIGG:| Wherein is Contain'd| An Account of his Country, Pa-|rentage, Birth, Kindred, Edu-|cation, Marriage, Children,| &c.| With the Lives of his Principal Friends| and Enemies: Faithfully done from| Original Writ,| by a Fryar at Geneva,| and Printed by a Jesuit at Edin-|burgh.| [double rule]| LONDON:| Printed in the Year, 1708.



pp. 3-53.


Bibliographical Reference

W. H. McBurney (1960), p.14.

History of Publication

Reprinted in: The Perfidious P--- (Anonymous). The Glorious Life and Actions of St.Whigg (Anonymous). The Life and Adventures of Captain John Avery (Anonymous) [=Foundations of the Novel, ed. Michael F. Shugrue] (New York/ London, 1973).

The Novel in Europe, 1650-1749