Le Sage, Le Diable boiteux (1707)

From Marteau

Le Diable boiteux. 1707.


Le Sage, Alain René.

History of Publication


  • En-1708-0010 Le Diable Boiteux, or the Devil upon Two Sticks. (London: Printed for J.Tonson, 1708).
  • En-1720-0001 in: A Select Collection of Novels in four volumes (London: J. Watts, 1720), vol. 2.
  • En-1729-0013 Le Diable Boiteux: or, The Devil upon Two Sticks. In Two Volumes. Translated from the Last Paris Edition, very much Enlarg'd. Adorn'd with Cutts. The Sixth Edition. Printed for J. Tonson. 6s. 2 vols. 1729.

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