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  1. A| COMPANION| FOR THE| LADIES-CLOSETS:| OR, THE| LIFE| AND| DEATH| OF THE| Most EXCELLENT| THE| Lady ---------| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed and Sold by J. Downing in Bartholo-|mew-Close near West-Smithfield, 1712.

  2. Entertainments| OF| GALLANTRY:| OR| Remedies for Love.| [rule]| Familiarly Discours'd, by a Society of| Persons of Quality.| [rule]| ----Amor est medicabilis--- Ovid.| Ipse quidem nostro Jussu de Corde perusto| Ipse Tyrannorum maximus exit Amor;| Falsus Amor; neq; enim tentas expellere verum.| Cowl. Plant. lib. 1st.| [double rule]| LONDON,| Printed for John Morphew, near Stationers-|Hall, 1712.

  3. THE| ADVENTURES| OF| TELEMACHUS.| In English Verse.| [rule]| Book I| [rule]| Os tenerum Pueri balbumque------ figurat;| Torquet ab absoenis jam nunc sermonibus aurem;| Mox etiam pectus præceptis format amicis. Hor.| [rule]| [vignette]| LONDON:| Printed, are to be Sold by J. MORPHEW, near| Stationers-Hall. 1712.

  4. THE| Court and City| VAGARIES,| OR| INTRIGUES,| OF| BOTH SEXES.| [rule]| Written by one of the fair Sex.| [rule]| The Second Part.| [rule]| LONDON| Printed: And sold by J. Baker, at the| Black Boy in Pater Noster Row.| Price Six Pence.

  5. THE| HISTORY| OF| Prince MIRABEL's| Infancy, Rise and Disgrace:| With the sudden Promotion of| NOVICUS.| IN WHICH| Are Intermix'd all the INTRIGUES| both AMOROUS and POLITICAL| relating to those Memorable ADVEN-|TURES: As also the CHARACTERS| of the Old and New FAVOURITES| of both SEXES of the COURT of| BRITOMARTIA.| [rule]| Collected from the MEMOIRS of a Cour-|tier lately Deceas'd.| LONDON:| Printed for J. Baker, at the Black-Boy in| Pater-Noster-Row. 1712. Price 1 s.

  6. THE| HISTORY| OF THE| PROCEEDINGS| OF THE| MANDARINS and PROATINS| OF THE| Britomartian Empire| AT THEIR| Last General Diet, with the Cha-|racters of the Chief Members.| [rule]| -----Captique dolis, donisque coacti,| Quos neque Tydides, nec Larissæus Achilles,| Non Anni domuere, non mille Carinæ.| Virg. Æn. 2.| [rule]| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for the Booksellers of London and West-|minster. 1712. (Price 1 s.)

  7. THE| LIFE| AND| Notable Adventures,| OF THAT| Renown'd Knight| Don Quixote| De la MANCHA.| [rule]| Merrily Translated into Hudibrastick Verse.| [rule]| By EDWARD WARD.| [rule]| VOL. II| LONDON:| Printed for T. Norris at the Looking-Glass,| and A.| Bettesworth at the Red Lyon on London-Bridge;| J. Harding at the upper end of St. Martin's-Lane;| J. Woodward in Scalding-Alley, over-against Stocks-|Market; E. Curl at the Dial, and R. Gosting at the| Mitre in Fleetstreet, M DCC XII. Price 5 s.| Where may be had the First Volume.

  8. THE| Perquisite Monger:| OR THE| RISE and FALL| OF| INGRATITUDE.| BEING| One of the Stories, which the Monks of| Godstow were formerly wont to divert| Fair Rosamond with, and which may| serve to clear up several Absurdities in| the History of Prince Mirabel.| [rule]| Made Publick from an Original Manuscript| lately found in the Ruines of Woodstock-|Bower.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed and Sold by the Booksellers of London| and Westminster. 1712. Price 3 d.

  9. THE| ILIAD| OF| HOMER,| With Notes.| To which are prefix'd, A large| PREFACE,| AND THE| Life of HOMER,| BY| Madam DACIER.| [rule]| Done from the French by Mr. OZELL;| and by him compar'd with the Greek.| To which will be made some farther Notes, that| shall be added at the End of the Whole; by| Mr. JOHNSON, late of Eton, now of| Brentford.| [rule]| Illustrated with 26 CUTS, copy'd by the best Gra-|vers, from the Paris Plates design'd by COYPEL.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed by G. James, for Bernard Lintott,| at the Cross-Keys between the Two Temple-Gates.| MDCCXII.


  1. Arabian Nights, pt. 3., second edition
    ARABIAN Nights| Entertainments:| CONSISTING OF| One Thousand and One| STORIES,| TOLD BY| The Sultaness of the Indies, to divert| the Sultan from the Execution of a| Bloody Vow he made to Marry a Lady| every Day, and have her cut off next| Morning, to avenge himself for the| Disloyality of his first Sultaness, &c.| Containing| A better Account of the Customs, Manners,| and Religion of the Eastern Nations, Tar-|tars, Persians, and Indians, than is to be| met with in any Author hitherto published.| [rule]| Translated into French from the Arabian MSS.| by M. Galland, of the Royal Accademy, and| now done into English.| [rule]| Vol. III.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| [rule]| London, Printed for Andrew Bell, at the Cross-|Keys and Bible in Cornhill, 1712.

  2. A| Secret History| OF THE| AMOURS| AND| MARRIAGE| OF AN| English NOBLEMAN| With a Famous| Italian LADY.| [rule]| LONDON| Printed, and Sold by the Booksellers| of London and Westminster, 1712.| Price One Shilling.

  3. Love-Letters| BETWEEN A| NOBLEMAN| AND HIS| SISTER;| WITH THE| HISTORY| OF THEIR| ADVENTURES.| [rule]| In THREE PARTS.| [rule]| The FOURTH EDITION.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for D. Brown, J. Tonson, J. Nicholson,| B. Tooke, and G. Strahan. 1712.

  4. THE| HISTORY| OF| Prince MIRABEL's| Infancy, Rise and Disgrace:| With the sudden Promotion of| NOVICUS.| IN WHICH| Are Intermix'd all the INTRIGUES| both AMOROUS and POLITICAL| relating to those Memorable ADVEN-|TURES: As also the CHARACTERS| of the Old and New FAVOURITES| of both SEXES of the COURT of| BRITOMARTIA.| [rule]| Collected from the Memoirs of a Cour-|tier lately Deceas'd.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. Baker, at the Black-Boy in| Pater-Noster-Row. 1712. Price 1 s.

  5. THE| HISTORY| Of the RENOWNED| DON QUIXOTE| De la MANCHA| [rule]| Written in Spanish by| Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.| Translated from the Original by| several Hands:| And publish'd by Peter Motteux.| [rule]| Adorn'd with Sculptures.| The Third Edition.| [rule]| Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiæ.| [rule]| VOL. I.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for Sam. Buckley at the Dolphin| in Little Britain, 1712.

  6. THE| MEMOIRS| OF THE| Marq. de Langallerie:| Containing an Account| of the most Secret Intrigues| OF THE| FRENCH, SPANISH, and| BAVARIAN Courts:| And the most Remarkable| Battles, Sieges, and Encampments,| IN| Germany, Spain, and Flanders.| Together with the most considerable Treaties and| Alliances made with France, from the Year| 1687, to the Year 1710.| Intermix't with several Original Private Letters, (never before made Publick) written by| The French King,| Card. Portocarrero,| Duke of Anjou,| Elector of Bavaria, Marquess de Torcy,| Charles III. of Spain,| Prince Eugene,| D. of Marlborough,| D. of Ormond,| M. Auverquerque, &c.| [rule]| The Second Edition.| Translated from the French, and continued to this present Time.| [rule]| LONDON: Printed and Sold by W. Taylor, at the Ship| in Pater-Noster-Row, 1712.

  7. The| Perquisite Monger:| OR THE| Rise and Fall| OF| INGRATITUDE:| BEING| One of the Stories which the Monks of| Godstow were formerly wont to divert| Fair Rosamond with, and which may| serve to clear up several Absurdities in| the History of Prince Mirabel:| [rule]| Made Publick from an Original Manuscript lately| found in the Ruins of Wood-Stock Bower.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed, and Reprinted in Dublin. 1712.

  8. THE| Pilgrim's Progress| FROM| THIS WORLD| TO| That which is to come:| [rule]| The Second Part.| [rule]| Delivered under the Similitude of a| DREAM:| Wherein is set forth| The manner of his setting out of| Christina's Wife and Children; their| Dangerous JOURNEY, and Safe| Arrrival at the desired Country.| [rule]| By JOHN BUNYAN.| [rule]| The Ninth Edition, with Addition of Five Cuts.| Note, The Third part, suggested to be J. Bunyan's| is an Imposture.| [rule]| Licensed and Entered according to Order.| [rule]| I have used Similitudes. Hos. 12. 10.| [rule]| LONDON,| Printed for N. and M. Boddington,| at the Golden-Ball in Duck-Lane. 1712.

  9. THE| Spanish Decameron:| OR, TEN| NOVELS.| VIZ. THE| Rival Ladies.| Mistakes.| Generous Lover.| Libertine.| Virgin Captive.| Perfidious Mistress.| Metamorphos'd Lover.| Impostor Out-witted.| Amorous Miser.| Pretended Alchymist.| [rule]| Made English by Sir Roger Lestrange.| [rule]| The Third Edition.| LONDON,| Printed by E. P. for Geo. Harris, next| door to the Bagnio in St. James's-street, 1712.

  10. THE| Whole Comical| WORKS| OF| Mon. SCARRON.| CONTAINING| I. His Comical Romance of a Company of Stage-|Players. In three Parts, Compleat.| II. All his Novels and Histories.| III. His Selected Letters, Characters, &c.| A great Part of which never before in English.| [rule]| Translated by Mr. Tho. Brown, Mr. Savage,| and Others.| [rule]| ---Ridiculum acri| Fortius & Melius Magnas plerumq; scat res. Hor.| Rebus in Angustis facile est contemnere Vitam:| Fortiter ille Facit, qui miser esse potest. Mart.| [rule]| The Third Edition, Revised and Corrected.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for J. Nicholson, at the Kings-Arms, J. and B. Sprint,| at the Bell in Little-Britain; R. Parker, under the Royal-|Exchange and Benj. Tooke, at the Middle-Temple Gate in Fleet-|Street. 1712.

  11. THE| WORKS| OF| Titus Petronius Arbiter,| In Prose and Verse.| [rule]| In Three Parts.| [rule]| Together with| His Life and Character,| Written by Mons. St. Evremont.| AND| a Key to the Satyre, by a Person of Quality.| [rule]| Made English by Mr. Wilson,| Mr. Burnaby,| Mr. Blount,| Mr. Tho. Brown,| Capt Ayloft, and se-|veral others.| [rule]| And Adorn'd with Cuts.| [rule]| To which is added,| The Charms of Liberty, a Poem,| by the late Duke| of Devonshire.| [rule]| London, Printed for Sam. Briscoe, and Sold by J. Mor-|phew near Stationers-Hall and. Ja. Woodward in Scalding-Alley,| against Stocks-Market. 1712.

  12. Three Ingenious Spanish| NOVELS:| NAMELY,| I. The Loving REVENGE:| Or WIT in a WOMAN.| II. The Lucky ESCAPE: Or, The| JILT Detected.| III. The Witty EXTRAVAGANT:| Or, The Fortunate LOVER.| CONTAINING| Several Amorous Intrigues, Subtle Plots,| and surprizing Turns of Fortune.| WRITTEN| By Don Alonso Savorsano, a Famous| Spanish Nobleman; and render'd into French by| one of the most Refin'd Wits of that Nation.| [rule]| Translated with Advantage.| [rule]| By a Person of Quality.| The Second Edition.| [rule]| LONDON:| Printed for E. Tracy, at the Three Bibles| on London-Bridge, 1712.



  1. Gomgam, ou l'Homme prodigieux transporté dans l'air, sur la terre et sous les eaux. Livre véritablement nouveau. Titetufefnosy. 2nd edition (Paris: P. Prault, 1712).


  1. Das| Carneval| Der| Liebe,| Oder| Der in allerhand Masquen| sich einhüllende| Amor,| in| Einer wahrhafftigen| Liebes-Roman| Der| Curiösen Welt entdecket| Von| Amaranthes.| [rule]| LEIPZIG,| Verlegts Johann Christian Martini,| Buchhändler in der Nicolai-Strasse, 1712.

  2. Das Leben| Oder| Wunder-seltsame| (Nicht weniger voller avanturliche)| HISTORIEN| Des Herren| ROSELLI.| Darinnen| Seine Gebuhrt/ Sclaverey/| Judenthum/ Closter-Leben/ Gefangenschafft| in der Inquisition und vielen andren Standen;| Wie er sich auffgeführet hat| sowol| In Italien/ Franckreich als auch| in Holland.| Aus dem Frantzösischen übersetzet| Von| Kampanella| [vignette]| Mit vielen schönen Kupffern gezieret.| [rule]| Pampallune,| Verlegts Piere le Marechal,| In der Veränderlichen Glücks-Wechselung.| 1712.

  3. Des| Durch seine Zauber-Kunst| Bekannten| Christoph| Wagners/| (Weyland-gewesenen Famuli| Des weltberuffenen| Ertz-Zauberers| D.Joh. Faustens/)| Leben und Thaten/| Zum Spiegel und Warnung al-|len denen die mit dergleichen verbote-|nen Künsten umbgehen/ von GOtt ab-|weichen/ und dem Satan sich ergeben.| Weyland von Friderich Schotus Tolet, in| Teutscher Sprach beschrieben/ und nunmehro| mit einer Vorrede/ von dem abscheulichen Laster| der Zauberey vermehret von| P. J. M.| Mg.d.K.P.S.d.W.| [rule]| BERLIN/| Verlegts Johann Andreas Rüdiger/ Privilegirter Buch-|händler gegen dem Königl. Posthaus über.| 1712.

  4. Der| Müßige Amant,| In welchem| Funffzig Neue| Spanische Geschichte| vorgestellet werden;| Der galanten Welt zu vergönnter| Gemüths-Ergetzung/ aus der Fran-|zösischen in die Teutsche Sprache| übersetzet.| I. II. und III. Theil.| [woodcut: Amor on cloud]| [rule]| Wien und Leipzig/| Verlegts Johann Gabriel Grahl/ 1712.

  5. Der| Weise König| SALOMO,| In einer| Staats-|und| Helden-Geschichte/| Der| Galanten Welt zu wohlerlaubter Gemüths-|Vergnügung an den Tag gegeben| Von| Pallidor.</span>| [line of typographical ornaments]| Hamburg und Leipzig/| Gedruckt und verlegt durch Johann von Wiering,| Anno 1712.

  6. Die| Durchlauchtigste| Prinzessin| TAMESTRIS| aus| ÆGYPTEN| in einem| ROMAN| Der| Galanten Welt| ergebenst überreichet| von| MELETAON.| [rule]| Nürnberg/| Zu finden bey Johann Albrecht.| An. 1712.

  7. Die entdeckte| Geheime HISTOIRE| von der| Königin| SAHRA| Und denen| Sahracenern,| oder| Die Hertzogin von Marlborough| demasquiret,| Worinnen verschiedene von der Regierung Ca-</span>|roli</span>II. biß auf diese Zeit in Engeland vorgefal-|lene Liebes-und Staats-Intriguen, sammt andern| diesem Reich angehende remarquable Begeben-|heiten/ und Politische Zufälle/| Aus Frantzösischer Nachricht/| Sammt dem Schlüssel und einer Vorrede| communiciret werden| von| PAULO MONTINI.| [rule]| HAAG, bey HINRICH PETKIO, 1712.

  8. Die| Galante Correspondentz,| In| Historischen| Und| Galanten| Briefen/| Worin die geheimste| Staats-und Liebes-|Intriguen| Einiger Höfe eröffnet werden/| Durch| Madame de C---| I. und II. Theil.| [rule]| Freyburg/| Bey Hanß Clement/ 1712.

  9. Die| Römische| Octavia| Auf Veranlassung| Einer Hohen| Königl. Printzeßinn| Nach dem ehemaligen Entwurff geändert und| durchgehends vermehret| Nunmehr von neuem aufgelegt.| Mit Römis. Kayserl. und Königl. Spanischen Majest. wie auch| Hochfürstl. Braunschw. Lüneb. allergnädigsten| Privilegiis.| [rule]| Braunschweig/| Gedruckt und verlegt durch Johann Georg Zilligern| Hochfürstl. privileg. Hof-Buchdr. 1712.

  10. [Die unglückliche BARSINE, Princeß aus Armenien, In einer angenehmen Liebes- und Heldengeschichte, Von CELANDER.]

  11. Historie,| Oder:| Wunderliche Erzehlung| Der seltsamen| Einbildungen,| Welche| Monsieur Oufle| Auß| Lesung solcher Bücher bekommen/ die| von der Zauberey/ Beschwörungen/ Besessenen/ Zau-|berern/ Wöhr-Wölffen/ Incubis, Succubis, Sabbath der Hexen/| weissen Frauen/ wilden Männern/ Polter-Geistern/ Gespen-|stern, nach dem Tod wieder erscheinenden Seelen; Wie auch| von Träumen/ Lapide Philosophorum, Astrologie, Nativität-Stel-|len/ Talismannischen Bildern/ Glück- und unglücklichen Tagen/| Finsternüssen/ Cometen und Calendern; mit einem Worte welche| von allerhand Erscheinungen/ Wahrsag-Zauber-Künsten/| und andern Aberglaubischen Dingen| handeln.| Durchgehends mit vielen curieusen Noten versehen/| worinn alle Stellen in den Büchern/ welche solche seltsame| Einbildungen verursacht haben/ oder wieder dieselbe dienen| können/ getreulich angezeiget/ und in zwey Theilen| abgehandelt sind.| Auß dem Frantzösischen übersetzet.| [rule]| Dantzig,| Verlegts Pharamund Kretschmer/ 1712.


  1. Tausend und eine Nacht, pts. 1-2, Marteau Piracy
    Arabische| Liebes-Händel/| und andere| Seltzame Begebenheiten/| welche von einer Sultanin in| tausend Nacht-Gesprächen erzehlet/| und zugleich viele Sitten und Gewohnheiten der| Morgenländer/ auf eine gar sonderbahre und| angenehme Art vorgetragen| werden.| Unlängst durch Hrn. Galland,| der Königl. Academie Mitgliede| aus der Arabischen Sprache| in die Frantzösische/| Und ietzo in die Teutsche| mit Fleiß übersetzet.| Durch| Amandern.| [rule]| Cölln/| bey Peter Marteau/ Ann[mutilated page]

  2. [Des sächsischen Königs Hengisto Liebes-Geschichte. Dresden 1712.]

  3. Die| Triumphirende Beständigkeit| und| Belohnte Treue.| Oder:| Seltsame doch wahrhaffte| Lebens-Geschichte| HYPOLITE,| Graffen von Duglas,| Der galanten Welt zu vergönnter| Gemüths-Ergötzung aus der Frantzösi-|schen in Teutscher Sprach| vorgestellet.| Erst-und Ander Theil.| [publisher's signet]| [rule]| Franckfurth und Leipzig/| verlegts Johann Martin Hagen/| MDCCXII.

  4. Die| Zum Christenthum neu-|bekehrte| Jüdin,| Oder| Verliebte und abgefallene| Josebeth,| In einer Wunder-würdigen| schönen| Liebes-Geschichte| Mit vielen| Vor diesem unbekannten,| doch nachdencklichen Jüdischen| Ceremonien der Curiosen Welt zu ge-|ziemender Ergötzung und noth-|wendiger Wissenschafft an| Tag gestellet.| [rule]| Gedruckt Anno 1712.

  5. Schau-Platz| Der| Galanten und Gelährten Welt/| Welcher| Die mancherley Begebenheiten auf Universitäten| In einem Roman fürstellet/| Und| Einen jungen Menschen erinnert/ wie er sich an demselbigen| spiegeln soll/ damit er auf Academien Geld und Zeit vernünfftig| anwenden/ und von denselbigen mit Nutzen nach Haus gehen kan;| In| Zweyen Theilen| Schertz-und Ernsthafft eröffnet von| MELETAON.| [line of typographical ornaments]| Nürnberg/| In Verlegung Johann Christoph Lochners/ Buchhändlers.| Gedruckt bey Georg Christoph Lochner. An. 1712.


  1. Relazioni del viaggio e missione di Congo nell'Etiopia inferiore occidentale. Venetia, 1712.

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